SpillResist® Technology

SpillResist® Technology is an innovative approach to protect your floor from wear, spill and other liquid damage. It is designed to be a multi-layered defense system that helps prevent damage and ensuring your floor is safe even if an accident occurs. 

There are three key components to SpillResist® Technology:

1. Modified HDF Wood Core. 

The core of the Wood HDF has been modified to be more resistant to liquid damage. This includes changes to the materials used and the overall design of the core, which makes it more able to withstand spills and other types of liquid exposure. 

2. Tight Interlocking System. 

The flooring planks are securely locked in place, which helps to prevent spills and other accidents from entering between the flooring planks. This tight locking system is designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring that the Wood Core is protected. 

We guarantee ,that for at least 72 hours, no water from topical spills will penetrate the floor.

3. Protected Bevel.

The bevel, or edge, of the wood core floor is also protected from liquid entering the wood core, further increasing the overall level of protection. 

Together, these three components form a comprehensive approach to protecting your investment from liquid damage. Whether you're installing your Sequoia® floor in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, SpillResist® Technology can help ensure that your flooring is safe and protected.