Welcome to the world of LifeProtect®

Under the LifeProtect® brand, we create, design, and introduce aesthetically pleasing floors to the market that meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Wood Based Product

    Primarily composed of wood, a renewable and natural resource, our product harnesses the aesthetic appeal of wood, infusing spaces with warmth and character. Furthermore free from vinyl and PVC materials.

  • Pet Friendly and Pet Proof

    It maintains its excellent appearance even in the face of wear and tear caused by pets

  • Accident Safe

    LifeProtect® Flooring will easily withstand scratches, liquids, and dents from household accidents.

SpillResist® Technology

SpillResist® Technology is an innovative approach to protect your floor from wear, spill and other liquid damage. It is designed to be a multi-layered defense system that helps prevent damage and ensuring your floor is safe even if an accident occurs.

There are three key components to SpillResist® Technology:

1. Modified HDF Wood Core

The core of the Wood HDF has been modified to be more resistant to liquid damage. This includes changes to the materials used and the overall design of the core, which makes it more able to withstand spills and other types of liquid exposure.

2. Tight interlocking system

The flooring planks are securely locked in place, which helps to prevent spills and other accidents from entering between the flooring planks. This tight locking system is designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring that the Wood Core is protected. We guarantee no water from topical spills will penetrate the floor for a minimum of 72 hours.

3. Protected bevel

The bevel, or edge, of the wood core floor is also protected from liquid entering the wood core, further increasing the overall level of protection.

Together, these three components form a comprehensive approach to protecting your investment from liquid damage. Whether you're installing your LifeProtect® floor in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, SpillResist® Technology can help ensure that your flooring is safe and protected.

  • Easy Installation

    LifeProtect® Flooring is a floating floor with a click lock installation system specifically designed for easy installation.

  • Kid Friendly

    Durable, easy to clean and safe for children to play on. Through its high density core and protective wear layer it can withstand dents and scratches.

    LifeProtect® is also PVC and vinyl free.

  • Scratch Resistant

    A protective coating of aluminum oxide is applied to the surface. This hard, durable material is resistant to scratches, stains, and wear, and also protecting the floor against fading and discoloration.

  • Wet and Steam Mop safe

  • Warm feeling of wood

  • Great Value


Frequently asked questions

Does LifeProtect® come with underpad attached?

Yes, a 2 mm underlayment is pre-attached to the flooring boards. The pad serves to cushion the boards and make them more comfortable to walk on , as well as to provide some additional insulation and soundproofing.

Can LifeProtect® flooring be installed over slab in my basement?

Yes, it can be installed below, on and above grade. When installing over slab or concrete a 6 mil poly moisture barrier is required to be installed first.

How is LifeProtect® Wood Core Flooring different?

LifeProtect® Wood Core Flooring has a modified core treated with a proprietary technology to make it more stable and water resistant than other wood based flooring.

Where is LifeProtect® flooring produced?

It is domestically produced out of mostly US based raw materials and components. The wood is harvested from domestic managed forests within a proximity of 100 miles from the manufacturing facility.

Are molding or trims available?

Yes, coordinating molding (t-mold, reducer, end cap and stair noses) are available for all colors.

Can I glue down the flooring boards?

No the product is not suited for a glue down application. It is a floating flooring system that locks together.

Does LifeProtect® contain PVC or vinyls?

No, LifeProtect® flooring does not contain vinyl or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). It has a Greenguard Gold certification which is an independent accreditation for extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.

Can LifeProtect® be installed in basements, kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes, through its 3 prone SpillResist® protection technology it is suited to be installed in those rooms in the house.